This course is aimed for those who wish to become professional photographers or take-up photography and videography very seriously. While this course is not a specialisation course, it provides the students an orientation to professional photography and video production. Most importantly, the course enables one to achieve a thorough and a clear understanding of photography and videography fundamentals, as well as acquire a strong artistic and technical prowess in the various complex aspects of photography and videography. With such strong foundations in photography, it empowers a student to become a professional much quicker than the rest. In the age of digitisation, Video production rules, secrets and tricks aren’t something we’re born with or a gift gained via effortless, often unconscious assimilation.

We must be exposed to the video production environment in order to absorb and learn to get videography jobs. A formal education can be expensive, but in our institution videography learning with proper ambience (Audio-visual studio, Dubbing Studio) and updated equipments (Broadcast Cameras with 2K & 4K resolution picture production quality, Edit console comprising of Apple Mac with FCP, Teleprompter,2.1 sound studio, Web streaming facility etc.) doesn’t have to be.

Our mission is to provide resources for video enthusiasts who want to learn but are economically challenged. This course could pave an affordable path to conquer great video production and may fulfil one’s dream of landing into a videographer job. In an effort to fill the vacuum in high-level skill based education in visual arts in India, Community College section of Derozio Memorial College brings its professional Photography and Video Production Course to those opting to take photography and videography as their career. Powered by a vastly experienced faculty of professional photographers, camera crews, directors, script writers, editors, Sound Recordist and the latest state-of-the-art teaching techniques, the course will combine a sound understanding of the fundamentals and theory of photography and videography with hands-on practical assignments in real-time situations that will prepare students for the real, ever-changing professional world.

From picking up the basics to shooting in complex and difficult situations, editing being adept with the latest technologies to handling people and making professional decisions, the course covers a wide range of skills around the craft of photography, videography and audio mixing making it a unique and most comprehensive learning program available in the country.

The top-class, versatile faculty of award-winning photographers brings to the course their immense experience and diverse styles of photography and videography. Each subject is handled in-depth, regularly involving other professionals from the industry and allied sectors. The classes are highly practice-oriented and students passing out from Derozio Memorial Community College would be a cut above the rest, with their own distinctive styles and creativity vision.

The course aims to make the aspirant photographer, videographer and sound editor a competent to face challenges in the professional world – from the skills of photography and videography to handling newest technology and managing people. And most important, it gives a personal interface with the industry, which is much needed to get the initial break in the industry.

A multifaceted and comprehensive course like this has been conspicuously absent in the teaching of visual arts in the country. It comes as a great stepping-stone for those creative persons looking for final-cut to become a true-blue professional. There is no doubt the country has a vast pool of young talent in photography and videography and Derozio Memorial Community College strives to play its role and contribute by channelizing this talent to make the country and its lens men and scissor men among the finest and a force to reckon with on a global platform. This Diploma Course on Photography and Video Production conducted by UGC sponsored Community College section of Derozio Memorial college has the unique dispensation of receiving the affiliation from the West Bengal State University. In West Bengal no other diploma course on photography and video production is running with recognition from any University and approval from MHRD, Govt. of India. The course has been designed in consultation with the renowned photographers, videographer and sound crews of Kolkata. It makes a balance between the theoretical and practical side of photography and video production according to NSQF level. Every important aspect of photography and videography has been taken into consideration. The Department is fortunate in having some of the most eloquent photographers, videographers and sound technicians of India as the faculty members. It is due to the active involvement of the faculty members, the excellent infrastructural facilities of the college and the closely controlled atmosphere prevailing inside the department, this diploma course has within a short period of time created a favourable impression among the students and industry. So we are very keen to make Industrial / Educational visit every year at the end of the course to judge the creativity of the students of Photography and Video Production course. This will help the students to be a part of the community relation growing process. Even Global Giants of this field like Nikon, SONY are also attracted to impart ‘hands on training’ and they give their expertise to the students regularly. Canon and Camerana are also showing their interest to involve with our course.



  • To create a healthy visual culture to combat the threats of visual illiteracy.
  • Skill Development Programme for both amateur and serious hobbyists and making them sharp professional in their relevant field.
  • Employability for young generation.
  • To encourage students develop various ways of interpretation and documentation
  • To work for the documentation and conservation of the rich cultural heritage, social bonding, educational and social integrity and diversity of India and making a platform for ‘Digital India’.


  • Academic Qualification: Higher Secondary
  • Age: No Bar
  • Sex: Male/Female/Transgender


  • Highly Motivated Excellent Faculty Members.
  • Photo/Video Shoot Outs under the active guidance of eminent photographers and videographers- preferably on Sunday Morning/Afternoon
  • Regular Interactive Session/Photo Shoot Outs/Video Camera Handling.
  • Industrial / Educational visit as per UGC norms is mandatory for every students at very nominal fees.
  • At the Educational tour, the students will make documentary as their project for the final examination.
  • Photo Analysis, Documentary/Docu-feature/Film-Review
  • Constant review of the performance of the participants.
  • Smart Classroom with computers, internet facility, LCD Projector, Photo Studio with basic light arrangements, well equipped Video Studio, PCR and Dubbing Studio.
  • Affordable Course Fee.
  • Scope of Getting Scholarship
  • Areas covered in this diploma course are likely to generate employment opportunities.