B.Voc in Public Relations

Public Relations is a strategic communications process that helps build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and its publics. Event management (which requires detailed logistics and appealing aesthetics) is one component, enhancing the public relations efforts of an organization. An event in itself is a project which requires project management skills. It can range from a virtual webinar, conference, and seminar, fundraiser to a launch party or a 3-day volunteer cruise. But with both skill sets, a creative “think-out-of-the box” mindset will help execute great events everyone will want to attend. With the rise of social media websites, monitoring posts and comments, public relations is an integral part to how well an event is marketed and received by the public. In this new age, the saying “all press is good press” doesn’t quite work anymore. Anything on the internet is fair game for positive and negative backlash that may impact your event and company reputation.  It’s now more important for professionals in both fields to be able to engage prospective and former stakeholders; through various marketing channels to better clarify misperceptions, rectify the spread of misinformation and address any event issues (pre, during and post) at the drop of a dime. Events and occasions are an integral part of human life. We simply cannot bypass them as they touch almost all aspects of our social existence. Birthday celebrations, social gatherings, engagements and weddings are events we celebrate at the personal level. Event management is a multifaceted activity. Major constituents of this profile include creativity, meticulous planning, relationship management, advertising and marketing and much more, all rolled into one seamlessly choreographed process.

Essential skills include:

  • Public Relations: to manage clients, their agents and a vast gamut of professionals you would meet in the line of your profession
  • Creativity: from the germ of the concept to manage an occasion to its final delivery
  • Marketing skills: to sell your idea to your clients in order to make their events memorable
  • Analytical ability: you must have the knack to solve all sorts of problems and even have the foresight to anticipate unforeseen issues
  • Organizational skills: to carefully plan for tasks for self and for the entire team
  • Networking skills: this industry thrives on the shoulders of personal networking and you must have the ability to utilize it and expand it in your favour
  • Management skills: ability to manage time, stress, subordinates, clients, budgeting, risks, situations and so on.

There are plenty of jobs in this industry. In spite of the current global economic slowdown, the event management industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. There are plenty of events: weddings, birthday parties, talent hunt and reality shows, fashion and cultural shows, academic and sports meets, religious functions, corporate events, conferences and so on. Talented youngsters who want to leave their mark in this industry have numerous avenues. They can join an event management company or a media house that specializes in PR and event management activities. Once they have garnered ample experience they can either start working in the capacity of a freelancer or event set up their own events business.

The institute will provide specialists in the field of communications management. Its spirit lies in its grasping of contemporariness, addressing the needs of an ever-changing environment. We assure the delivery of current, reliable and cost-effective communication management skills. We will definitely able to deliver and acquainted with the professionals serving in marketing, marketing research, advertising, media and communications-driven businesses. Expertise in Journalism & Mass communication, Videography, Environment, Communicative English, Computer Application, Education, Philosophy, Bengali, History, Political Science, Commerce, Public Administration, Animation are already available in college. Experts in Photography, Advertising, Audio and Video Editing, Multimedia, Online Journalism, Web Designing are available from the industry partners.  The developed computer laboratory has about 30 highly advanced machines. Students will use these facilities extensively for their project work. In today’s scenario communication plays a vital role in PR and event management and keeping this as the prime need of the hour we make sure that we will provide the better of guidance both theoretically as well as practically. A communication lab has been specially designed for the same and competent ENGLISH COMMUNICATION faculty makes sure that regular practical sessions will carry out. Group discussions, extempore speaking, JAM sessions; debates will be common part of the practical sessions carried out here. Reputed PR professionals and Event Managers are already attached with the department of Journalism and Mass Communication and it is easy to ensure that we will be able to arrange Press Tours, Press Visits. Attending Press Conference, Press Meet will be part and parcel of the curriculum. Well equipped media Lab has also been set up for videography and editing. The institute library lends technical books and journals both for reference and home reading. The students will encourage spending time in the library which has long and convenient hours. The library contains several volumes of under-graduate text-books and reference books in PR and Event Management.