Derozio Memorial College, a Government aided college of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal not only pursues academic excellence but also motivates and empowers its students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society. In the year 2015, the college was selected for UGC sponsored Community College Scheme and B.Voc Degree Programme. Through the Community College Scheme, we are trying to develop our students in all possible dimensions – intellectual, physical, social, moral and economical.

To fulfill this target, as a Community College, we have introduced several courses for the betterment of local community of Rajarhat-Gopalpur and its surrounding areas.

Photography & Video Production

Web Designing & Development

The motto of Derozio Memorial Community College is “Education for Employment through Skills Formation”. The educational activities are designed in line with the needs and demands of the local community. More specifically, the main objective of this College is “to offer job-oriented courses based on the perceived community demand for specific manpower”. In short, Community College is “for” the Community and “of” the Community. The College performs four major functions namely, teaching, training, research and extension. It attempts to create a model of employment oriented education with adequate mutual collaboration and cooperation of members from various commercial, government and academic institutions and organizations like Nikon, Canon, SONY, Numerico Industries, IdeamWebz, India Blooms News Service etc. West Bengal State University also extends their hands. They give us affiliation to conduct the examination after completion of the training programmes. Both the courses are certified by the West Bengal State University. Under the Community College Scheme, we conduct various guest lectures, training sessions, workshops on regular basis by industry experts and prominent faculties. Canon and Nikon with their high professional mentors regularly arrange Specialized Photography Workshop and Photo-Walks. This Photography and Video Production course is meant for those who wish to become professional photographers and Video makers or take-up photography or Videography very seriously. While this course is not a specialization course, it provides the students an orientation to professional photography and video production. Most importantly, the course enables one to achieve a thorough and a clear understanding of photography fundamentals, camera handling, video editing, sound editing, graphic design and basics of animation as well as acquire a strong artistic and technical competence in the various complex aspects of photography and video production. With such strong foundations in photography and video production, it empowers a student to become a professional much quicker than the rest. It has been proved that the students of Community College scheme in both the trade make a notable mark in their career when we see that our students are engaged in different jobs in various news channels, news portals, online digital marketing organization and website designing company after completion of the courses.

We are also trying to improve the living standards of the community of Rajarhat Gopalpur and its surroundings. B.Voc Degree Program is a programme which is affiliated to West Bengal State University, combines practical training in three exclusive streams with a solid academic base and i.e.-

Broadcast Journalism (B.Voc in Broadcast Journalism)

Printing and Book Publishing (B.Voc in Printing and Book Publishing)

Public Relations and Event Management (B.Voc in Public Relations)

Students are imparted the skills that need to work in a broadcast newsroom, along with media law, politics, and an understanding of the role of media in a democratic country like India. We are trying our best to inculcate in the students a degree of sensitivity and empathy that will enable them to reach out to the world and provide effectual service by generating resources without overtly depending on financial inputs from the Government. This year is very crucial year for us because first batch of B.Voc Degree Programme will complete their 3 year B.Voc degree which is affiliated to West Bengal State University. But we are very happy to inform you that the students of Broadcast Journalism has already created an opportunity to intern in different media like 24 Ghanta, Bangla Times etc. and the students of Printing and Book Publishing already has engaged themselves in different Govt. and Non-Govt. organization of printing industry. Soon we will introduce a 24×7 news-portal namely ‘Derozian Times’ for the students of Journalism and Mass Communication and B.Voc in Broadcast Journalism.

We have introduced “Earn while you learn” scheme exclusively for the students of Community College and B.Voc Degree programme. The initiative has a positive impact. On the one hand, students are earning some extra pocket money while on the other, they are getting work experience and hands-on training while studying, something that is missing in our education system. So students pitch in with tasks such as I-Card making, data entry, maintaining of records, library management etc. Each working student is paid for every Identity Card production.

Now it is the time for advancement and the time for a new dream. It has been a long cherished dream of Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Derozio Memorial College to conceive and bring forth, a Communication Resource centre, which, through vocational education and training, will pave the way for sustainable economic development in the rural sector of Rajarhat-Gopalpur area in the state of West Bengal and create the resources for an archive of digital India. We have already launched “Know your Neighbours” scheme exclusively for the students of Journalism and Mass Communication and B.Voc Degree Programme to provide information on the college’s proactive work to reduce students’ negative impact and promote positive behaviour in local communities and to highlight any emerging trends and issues affecting local communities.

Highlights of B.Voc Degree Courses:

B.Voc degree programmes are offered in over 200 colleges across the country.

This is a 3 year degree course after Higher Secondary or Intermediate/P.U college with multiple entry and exit points.

Students completing the first year get a Diploma certificate, after second year they get the Advanced Diploma certificate and after completion of three years, the B.Voc. Degree is awarded.

The course curriculum has 40% general education (theory) and 60% vocational training (practical) components.

These programs follow semester system and offer credits after completion of the course.

The students who have enrolled in B.Voc courses appreciate the practical focus and are confident that their chances of getting a suitable job are higher than other graduates.

These courses are expected to comply with NSQF and are financially aided by the UGC (University Grant Commission).The Communication Resource Centre will certainly secure a bond between the common man and the educational/scientific institution by implementing research findings in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, apiculture and fisheries. Documentaries have been made in local language on the process of cultivation, fisheries, bio-diversity preservation, water treatment, solid waste management, energy efficiency, tree plantations, marketing their products.

In this regard, after setting up primary infrastructure (Smart A.C Class Room with ICT facility, Studio for Video shooting and Dubbing, Editing Console, High end Cameras, Drone Camera, Still Digital Cameras, Light set up, Web streaming Facility like Any cast, Apple TV etc.) we are looking for fund generation from different sources. Cultural development is very important for fostering learning process. So we have also taken initiatives for nurturing the cultural values among the students of Community College and B.Voc Degree Programme. Students are indulged in short film making, drama scripting, dance drama making, background music arranging, art and handcrafting, performing arts, low cost set designing and painting. The students of Community College Scheme and B.Voc Degree Programme have already arranged a day long cultural Programme ‘Mon-Uran’ to commemorate Bengali New Year and make the programme successful with their cultural skill, talent and perfection. To make our dreams true in reality, we are all together trying to achieve the excellence in the concerned area and we are determine to serve the nation and as well as for the humanity better.


1) Students of Community College Scheme and B.Voc Degree Programme participated in the workshop organized by Nikon, Canon and Numerico and certificates were given.

2) Educational tour was organized in Purulia and a documentary was made on the handicraft work of Chorida villagers.

3) World Photography Day was celebrated every year by the students along with the renowned Photographers

4) Most students of the Community College and B.Voc got service in various sector after completing the courses.

5) First batch of the B.Voc has already participated in the campus interview of ETV-Bharat.